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These Perception Surveys have been created with research-based validated items that have been reliably shown to measure the non-cognitive domains.  Each survey measures two non-cognitive domains and has been aligned with ASCA Mindset and Behavior Standards.  The corresponding charts are for computing the survey results.  You can use the charting tools online or you can download the spreadsheets to your computer.

To use the charting tools: Enter the number of responses of each type in the appropriate cell. All items are written so that Strongly Agree is the most favorable response. Results are automatically computed for each domain.  You might write a goal such as, “The percentage of students who responded Strongly Agree or Agree on items measuring Academic Self Esteem will increase by x% by the end of the first semester.”

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M.1, M.2, B-LS.4, B-LS.6, B-SMS.5, B-SMS.7, B-SS.3, B-SS.8Goal Setting Academic Self Esteem
M.1, M.3, B-LS.6, B-LS.6, B-LS.7, B-SMS.5, B-SMS.10, B-SS.3, B-SS.6Mentor Student School Climate Survey
M.1, M.4, B-LS.6, B-LS.Mentor Goal Setting
M.1, M.4, B-LS.7, B-LS.9, B-SMS.5, B-SMS.10, B-SS.3, B-SS.6Mentor College Plans
M.1, M.5, B-LS.4, B-LS.6, B-SMS.3, B-SMS.7, B-SS.1, B-SS.3Mentor Confidence
M.1, M.5, B-LS.6, B-LS.8, B-SMS.6, B-SMS.6, B-SMS.7, B-SS.7, B-SS.8Student Study Skills Academic Self Esteem
M.1, M.6, B-LS.4, B-LS.9, B-SMS.3, B-SMS.6, B-SS.1, B-SS.6Mentor Student Learning
M.1, M.6, B-LS.6, B-LS.8, B-SMS.1. B-SMS.8, B-SS.5, B-SS.9Student School Climate Survey Responsibility
M.1, M.6, B-LS.6, B-LS.8, B-SMS.5, B-SMS.6, B-SS.3, B-SS.7Academic Self Esteem Student Learning
M.2, M.3. B-LS.6, B-LS.8, B-SMS.3, SMS.6, B-SS.2, B-SS.8Confidence Academic Self Esteem
M.2, M.4, B-LS.6, B-LS.7, B-SMS.4, B-SMS.5, B-SS.3, B-SS.8Goal Setting College Plans
M-2, M.5, B-LS.4, B-LS.6, B-SMS.2, B-SMS.8, B-SS.3, B-SS.8Goal Setting Student Testing
M.2, M.5, B-LS.4, B-LS.6, B-SMS.3, B-SMS.7, B-SS.1, B-SS.8Confidence Student Testing
M.3, M.5, B-LS.3, B-LS.5, B-LS.4, B-LS.6, B-SMS.1, B-SMS.9, B-SS.4, B-SS.9Bullying Responsibility
M.3, M.5, B-LS.4, B-LS.6, B-SMS, B-SMS.6, B-SMS.7, B-SS.2, B-SS.8Bullying Confidence
M.3, M.6, B-LS_6, B-LS.8, B-SMS.6, B-SMS.8, B-SS.2, B-SS.9Bond With School Bullying
M.3, M.6, B-LS.6, B-LS.10, B-SMS.2, B-SMS.9, B-SS.5, B-SS.9Bullying Student School Climate
M.3, M.6, B-LS, B-LS.6, B-LS.10, B-SMS.8, B-SMS.10, B-SS.2, B-SS.3Bond With School Student School Climate
M.3, M6, B-LS.8, B-LS.9, B-SMS.6, B-SMS.8, B-SS.3, B-SS.6Bond With School Mentor
M.3, M.6, B-LS.8, B-LS.10, B-SMS.5, B-SMS.8, B-SS.2, B-SS.3Bond With School Academic Self Esteem
M.4, M.5, B-LS.4, B-LS.6, B-SMS.2, B-SMS.4, B-SS.3, B-SS.6Goal Setting Time Management
M.5, M.6, B-LS.2, B-LS.5, B-SMS.4, B-SMS.8, B-SS.1, B-SS.6Student Study Skills Time Management
M.5, M.6, B-LS.3, B-LS.4, B-SMS.2, B-SMS.4, B-SS.4, B-SS.8Responsibility Time Management
M.5, M.6, B-LS.3, B-LS.4, B-SMS.2, B-SMS.8, B-SS.1, B-SS.6Student Testing Time Management
M.5, M.6, B-LS.3, B-LS.5, B-SMS.2, B-SMS.7, B-SS.1, B-SS.6Student Study Skills Student Testing
M.5, M.6, B-LS.4, B-LS.6, B-SMS.2, B-SMS.3, B-SS.5, B-SS.8Responsibility Student Testing
M.5, M.6, B-LS.4, B-LS.6, B-SMS.2, B-SMS.4, B-SS.8, B-SS9Goal Setting Responsibility
M.5, M.6, B-LS.4, B-LS.6, B-SMS.3, B-SMS.6, B-SS.8, B-SS.9Responsibility Academic Self Esteem
M.5, M.6, B-LS.4, B-LS.8, B-SMS.3, B-SMS.7, B-SS.4, B-SS.8Confidence Responsibility
M.5, M.6, B-LS.6, B-LS.9, B-SMS.3, B-SMS.6, B-SS.1, B-SS.6Student Study Skills Student Learning